Run to Win: 100 lbs in 118 days

Friday, July 29, 2011

Tomato Soup - 46 days left

Last night as I was sitting her typing my blog, my one year old pulled the cover off the air vent on the floor right beside me in our kitchen.  As I leaned over to replace it, my rolling chair flipped out from underneath me and landed on my head.  As I hit the floor, my hip hit a tomato soup can that my baby had been playing with busting the can open and soup flying everywhere.  When my alarm went off this morning at 5 a.m. for me to get ready for CrossFit, the muscles in my lower back were sore due to the fall and my hip wasn't feeling that great either.  I shut the alarm off and went back to bed.  No really, I shut the alarm off and went back to bed.  I know some of you thought I was joking.  However, several hours later as I got up and started moving around, I found that my pain subsided enough to make it to the later class at 10 a.m. which fortunately worked with our schedule today.

Since this mornings 6 a.m.class was the first one I have missed since I started, there was speculation to why I didn't show up.  Remember the wall balls that I mentioned yesterday?  The trainer thought that I had become too sore after my "challenge" yesterday and didn't want to come back for more.  Well, I am glad that I did go back even though I was sore for different reasons.  Our WOD (workout of the day) helped me to work the sore muscles I did have and made getting around today much easier.

As an added bonus, this was my first class with all woman which mean no sweat dripping all over the floor.  I know you can appreciate that ladies.  And since it was all ladies and not all men as it has been on many days that I have gone, my playing field seemed to be evened out a little better, which means I didn't finish last.

I am hoping that tomorrow's class will be all kickboxing as Wednesday night was a kickboxing/crossfit mix.  I still have not made my 400 meters in 2 minutes this week on the rowing machine, but hopefully that will be done either tomorrow or Monday.  I could feel a big change in my body today.  My pants keep getting looser and I keep feeling better!  But don't worry, no one will be singing me the song "Pants on the Ground", I will just get new pants.  Ha! Ha!  Thank you for all of your encouragement!!!


  1. I am glad to see you are incorporating the important skill of when to listen to your body and not the saboteur in your mind. Sometimes sleeping in or taking it easier on a low day is an intelligent and respectful choice. And this journey is in part about being respectful and loving to yourself and your body. But for those of us with a long string of false starts it can be difficult to discern what is genuine care and what is the beginning of the slide down the slippery rationalizing slope of another failure. Good job going to the later class and for ALL the progress that is so evident through your writings.

  2. Thank you Barbara!! I am so very happy to be feeling better and having more energy. It is a blessing to not only me, but my family!