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Friday, July 22, 2011

Rowing, Parks & Swimsuits - 53 days left

This morning at my 6 a.m. crossfit workout, I was determined to beat the two minute marker on the rowing machine for 400 meters after finishing our WOD (workout of the day).  First attempt was three seconds more than yesterdays worst time, which was a little disheartening.  The second attempt was one second behind my best time yesterday at 2:04.  My trainer reminded me that my body is more tired out today than yesterday, so I didn't need to be discouraged.  He said that I could just try again next Wednesday, when I wasn't so very worn out to beat that time. So next Wednesday is my goal to beat it.  I will let you know how I do.

What I did do superbly on today was getting together with my HomeMakers small group from church at North Mississippi Regional State Park in Minneapolis.  So what is the big, honkin' deal you might ask?  It is just taking the kids to a park for a few hours after all.  It couldn't be THAT much of a challenge no matter how many children you have Karen.

Well my friends, let me tell you.  Over the last five years, I have visited that park on five different occasions.  Four times have been with my children and I alone to meet up with my friends with no help from my husband.  In the past when I have gone there to meet up with my friends, I have literally dreaded the day arriving for a minimum of a week in advance.  My poor health, due to bad eating and NO exercise, made going to an event like this very taxing.  I would do it because my children love it.  However, for me, it was not something I have enjoyed.

Today as I got ready with our lunches and packing extra clothes and towels that small children require, for the first time ever I didn't get totally stressed out.  There was no yelling about hurrying up to get out the door.  Both of my boys, who are eight and five, were more than happy to help with carrying the loaded backpacks and drink bag to the car.  When we arrived at the park, things also went really easy.  I wasn't tired out from just the short walk from the car to the wading pool as before.  I enjoyed conversations with my friends and was not winded when talking to them.  As we had our picnic lunch, I wasn't completely worn out by then as in times past and was able to continue to take pleasure in my day.  When it was time to leave, I still had energy even though my tired out three year old cried all the way to the car.  What a difference in this experience than all of times I have gone there before!!  And this was only with a weight loss of 20 lbs so far.

I was imaging what it would be like for me next year when I have made my goal weight.  I would get to wear a cute swimsuit like my friend, Michelle, and actually get in the wading pool and play with my kids.  Or get to wear some cut-off jean shorts and a halter top like my friend, Daphne, which would have been so much cooler than my capri's and short sleeve shirt on a hot day like today.  Yes, I will still be pale, white from my skins lack of tanning ability, but I will thin and attractive.  Plus, I am sure I will have even more energy to be an even better mom to my children.

I haven't come anywhere close to the weight loss I thought I would have achieved by this point in my journey.  I imagined I would have been at about the 50 lb mark by now for sure.  However, my life is already so much more enjoyable than where I was just a short time ago, it keeps me going in this new direction of good health and fitness.

Psalm 20:5 (New Living Translation) - May we shout for joy when we hear of your victory and raise a victory banner in the name of our God.  May the Lord answer all your prayers.

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