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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Simply Salad - 65 days left

Late this afternoon I was able to do something with my husband that we have not been able to do for a very long time.  What was this monumental occasion?  We were able to go out and eat at a restaurant with NO children.  How wonderful it was to have adult conversation and not have to say reminders like: please don't put your head on the plate, don't blow bubbles through your straw, get up off the floor, don't lean back in your chair, stop touching each other, etc.  Just nice conversation with no interruptions.

As I opened my menu and looked at all of the selections, it was a far different approach from that of the past.  Yes, I have tried to make "wise" menu decisions in the past and stay away from the 5000 calorie dish.  Yet at those times it has been with great loathing and remorse once the item is ordered.  And after receiving my low calorie meal, I usually end up eating half of my husband's meal of choice, which defeats the purpose of choosing healthy to begin with.

When I chose my salmon salad with dressing on the side, it wasn't a huge deal for me this evening.  Even when I read about all of the wonderful sounding pizzas I could choose from, they really didn't appeal to me as they would have in the past.  Pasta is another favorite that wasn't constantly calling my name either as I glanced through the menu.  And for the first time EVER, I forgot to look at the desert menu before I ordered my meal.

Finally, for the final five star moment of the night, when my meal arrived, I enjoyed eating it.  No buyer's remorse.  No looking at my husbands plate and other peoples selection at other tables wishing I was having there dish.  Just simple enjoyment of the healthy meal I had chosen.

I used to believe that choosing something healthy was such bondage for the person who had to do so.  However, I found tonight that choosing something like a salad and not longing for something else with 12 lbs of cheese or enough butter to stop your heart was actually very freeing.  There was no remorse for the choice.  No longing for something else throughout.  And no regret for skipping desert.  It was just simply salad and it was great!!

Accept everything about yourself - I mean everything. You are you and that is the beginning and the end - no apologies, no regrets. - Henry Kissinger

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