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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Skinny Shoes - 68 days left

Today, after saving many store credits from Kohl's, I was able to go and get some much needed shoes for my crossfit class.  Before I had started crossfit and back around my birthday in April, I had purchased some new Sketchers Shape Ups.  However, after starting crossfit I learned that I needed tennis shoes with a very flat bottom to help me distribute my weight on my heel as opposed to my toes like the Shape Ups forced me to do.

If you are a large person, you will know that shoe shopping is not a fun, pleasurable experience.  In fact, it can be rather taxing to try and find a pair of shoes that will be wide enough not to squeeze your foot to death.  Even when I purchased my Shape Ups back in April that you would think would be geared toward people such as myself, it was very difficult to find a pair that went on my foot and wasn't so very tight I would be miserable trying to stretch them out some before they were broke in.  My hope was that my shopping experience today would not be so very hard.

Fortunately, I got my wish.  When I found the style of shoe that I liked today, they fit.  No problem slipping them on or lacing them up.  It was like the shoe was made for my foot.  Finally, no more horrible shoe shopping experiences to be plagued with.  My foot has become narrow enough to actually fit in regular sized shoe!!

Then I looked at the price.  More than my store credit and more additional money than I had in my pocket.  I asked the sales person in the shoe department if there was a store coupon today.  She said there was, but they didn't have any extras to give out if I didn't have one with me.  I then scanned the box at one of the kiosk to see if perhaps it had been mis-marked and it was actually lower than the sale price listed.  Unfortunately, this was not the case either.  So with my box of shoes in hand, I walked to the front of the store and picked the register with the girl who had on the headset.  I figured going to the person with the headset was my best chance of getting some kind of discount.  After she greeted me and rang up the shoes, I asked her if there was  a store coupon today that I could use.  She asked me if I had a Kohl's charge.  I did not.  She then asked if I had signed up to get the coupons through email.  That I had done.  She said there was an online coupon right now for an additional 15% off and she would scan one for me since I didn't have it with me today!!  I ended up only having to spend $2 out of pocket when all was said and done.  What a great blessing!!  Now I have the shoes that I need and was able to keep them within my spending limit.

I am so looking forward to wearing my new "skinny shoes" to crossfit tomorrow.  (I figure since we all have "fat jeans" and "skinny jeans" that I can also have "skinny shoes".)  Not only does it make me feel good that they fit as they should, I am also excited to see how much better I will do lifting weights when I have the proper shoes.  Now my biggest problem is finding the room in my budget to buy all of the other "skinny shoes" that will now look great on my feet!!

Deuteronomy 28:6 (New American Standard Bible) - Blessed shall you be when you come in, and blessed shall you be when you go out.

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