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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Little Accomplishments - 54 days left

As I carried my one year old daughter up the stairs in my house this evening, I thought about how, just eight weeks ago, this was the additional weight on me and how very heavy it was.  Just as one of my fellow crossfitters said to me yesterday when I was contemplating putting a 20 lb plate on my back to do push-ups that, I "didn't lose all 20 lbs from my back", I realize that I didn't lose all 20 lbs from my front either.  I guess that is why when the Biggest Loser television show does the episode every other season or so that shows the contestants adding their weight back on from when they first started, they distribute it evenly over their bodies.  However, I am glad that I have a clear reminder of how much weight I have lost everyday even if it is not proportionate, so I can further ingrain in my mind that I will NEVER go back to weighing 309 lbs.

If I could somehow give a visual of how much stronger I feel based on my outside appearance, let me assure you it would be much greater than a 20 lb weight loss and I would be two sizes smaller.  I am amazed at how much more energy I have each day.  I am no longer getting winded when I speak to people.  I don't get tired out from picking up the 14,000 things my children seem to drop on the floor in a 24 hour period.  I am walking up and down my stair much faster.  I find that I am more diligent with my daily task and because of that, I complete more throughout my day.

I can also notice a huge difference in how I perform at crossfit.  As I mentioned last week, I can now do regular sit-ups with assistance from a bungee cord in order to get the full range of motion instead on just doing a crunch.  Prior to today, my best time on the rowing machine had been 2:13 to go 400 meters.  I was determined to get below the 2 minute mark as I completed my workout this afternoon.  Even though I didn't make it, I did get a much better time:  2:05 on the first round and 2:03 on the second.  Little accomplishments like these make me feel so good on this road to better health.

In a little under two weeks from now, I will be making a trip to Georgia with my girls to visit my family.  My hope is that I can continue these little accomplishment going even while I am there.  It will be a little different because I won't be attending my crossfit classes daily.  I also won't have the same meal plan as I have now as I will be eating with my family and also going out with friends.  However, I have already started planning what I can do while I am there to stay the course and continue to being healthier overall.  And considering the only summer clothes I have right now that fit me, other than one pair of capri pants, are my workout clothes, I won't have to worry about over packing to include exercise when I go.

My biggest temptation with be Chick-fil-a.  I know they have healthy stuff, so you don't need to write me a letter.  However, when you haven't had Chick-fil-a in over 6 months and you are used to the fried selections and peach milkshakes, the healthy selections don't automatically come to mind as items of choice.  I am not sure yet if I will just have to compromise on this or skip going to Chick-fil-a all together.  Currently, I don't see the latter as an option.

So as the count stands today, 20 lbs down.  Eighty more to go to complete my first large goal.  Two more crossfit classes before the week's end.  If you want to donate for the "Fight Gone Bad 6" challenge I am taking part in on September 17, please see July 20 post for information.  And as always, buying me a smoothie helps fund my journey.  Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement!!!   It has kept me going!!!

1 Thessalonians 5:11 (New American Standard Bible) - Therefore encourage one another and  build up one another, just as you also are doing.

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