Run to Win: 100 lbs in 118 days

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How Dare They?!?! - 62 days left

The Biggest Loser has been on my list of shows to watch for the past several years.  Each season viewers watch with anticipation each week to see how well the contestants have fared from all the hard work put in the week before.  And at the end of the season, the moment that is talked about the most among water coolers around the United States, is the episode where that one winner with the highest percentage of weight loss for the entire season taking home the cash prize.

Another moment that is discussed, but not publicized too often is the moments on the Biggest Loser where some contestants have their most difficult week.  The week one of them will step on the scale, listen to it beep and flash random numbers, and then reveal zero weight loss.  At times it is even worse, when instead of just zero weight loss, the scale reflects a one pound gain, two pound gain or more.  After the devastating look of the contestant is caught on camera for the world to see, producers then put the camera on the trainers, Bob and Jillian to gauge their reaction.  Nine times out of ten, Bob and Jillian will drop their jaws in horror and then grab their head or stomach in agony followed by a very long discussion of "How did this happen?".

When I have watched those not so fun moments for many of the contestants while munching on my chips or evening's popcorn, many times I too have thought, "How on earth did they manage to gain weight?  They are on the Biggest Loser for heaven sake!  How is it even humanly possible to gain weight when you are at a place like that?  Aren't these people eating healthy?  Aren't they exercising no less than two times a day?  What is their problem?  How dare they not lose weight when they have such a great opportunity staring them in the face?!?!?".

As I stood on my scale this morning and read the number showing a TWO pound weight gain, the best thing I have to say about it was, I was not on national television having to air my devastation.  Nor were their audible gasps or visual images of disgust from my trainers.  Fortunately, there were no tears either at home or at the gym.  Only the constant nagging thought in my head of, "How on earth did I let this happen?  What misstep did I make that could have possibly made me GAIN weight after a total of eight different workout classes this last week and thinking about every bite of food that entered my mouth?"  And the answer screaming back at me even now is, "I have no idea".

By the end of my crossfit workout this morning and the sharing of my revulsion with my trainer minus the crying this time, I decided to walk out the gym and do something that I have not done at anytime thus far after a weigh in.  I decided to get over it and not let the damage of the weight gain ruin my entire day.  Yes, I despise the number.  In fact, I HATE it.  And what makes it so hard to deal with is that I don't know why it happened.

Yet since I know I cannot go back in time and relive last week to change the number, I made the decision to keep moving forward this week.  I gave my all to the workout this morning instead of taking it a little easy knowing that kickboxing is coming up tonight.  And tonight, when I am at kickboxing, I plan on giving my all again.  I also continued to eat good today even thought I REALLY didn't want too.  I have said several times in this last week that every moment counts and every decision matters.  I refuse to let two little pounds rule me.  Instead, I will take charge of myself and keep moving forward because one day I WILL reach my goal.

Galatians 6:9 (The Message) - So let's not allow ourselves to get fatigued doing good. At the right time we will harvest a good crop if we don't give up, or quit.


  1. I am learning a lot about sodium! Depending on what you ate today, combined with the amount of water you drank, could play a role. Stick to low sodium! Sodium is the main reason for weight fluctuations.

  2. Thanks Rachel. I will keep that in mind this next week. :)