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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Two will be Different than One - 89 days left

Today, my baby girl turns one.  She is my last of four children and what a wonderful day we have had!  I played with her and didn't get tired out.  As she opened her presents and tore the wrapping paper everywhere, that was fine because I knew I would have the energy to pick it all up.  When she ate her cake and smashed it all over her face and hair and arms, I didn't mind because I wasn't too worn out to give her a bath when it was all over with.  And when I thought about how much better off I will be and how much more I will be able to do for her next year when she turns two than what I am today, that brought me so much joy.

Even though my weight loss this past week was nil and prior to this week has been rather minimal as well, I can tell I am making progress.  I feel so much better physically.  I am moving around so much better and I am not tired ALL the time!  Today at the crossfit, a guy that I met with his wife one week ago today told me that he could already see a difference in me in just one week!  Boy, that made me feel good!  And I could tell I was doing much better today too.  My "very out of shape person's jumping jack" was better.  I was able to lift my hands over my head and touch them together through the entire circuit, not just going 75% of the way up like I usually do.  I also tried lunges today holding the bar that weighs 15 lbs.  Before I even started, I thought about telling the trainer that I needed an alternative, but then I decided I would do my very best and ask for an alternative only if I couldn't do it.  And guess what?  I did it!  There were still some things that I could not do.  However, over all, I think it was my best workout there so far.

Finally, when I looked in the mirror at crossfit, which I have looked in the mirror before today, I looked thinner in my face and hips.  I am not sure if I was just seeing a mirage since I was gasping for air and needing a drink of water.  But what if I wasn't?  What if there is already a change in my physical appearance in this short time?  I asked my husband if he could see a difference and he answered "yes" not wanting to face the wrath of Karen for not answering properly.  Since he sees me everyday, I told him it was OK with it this time. :)

Either way, I feel like I am different and I know what I am doing is making a difference in my health everyday.  Yes, there was a piece of birthday cake today in celebration of my daughter's birthday.  However, I keep moving forward with my overall health daily, not giving up.  And this time next year, no telling what fun and exciting things I will be able to do in celebration of my little girl's day!!

Philippians 3:14 (New American Standard) - I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

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