Run to Win: 100 lbs in 118 days

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

One Year Down - 97 days left

I am so very pleased to share that when I weighed this morning I had lost two more pounds!!!  That makes eight pounds total.  It also means bye, bye to a total years worth of weight gain on average since I was married in 1999.  Next week I am looking forward to being back in the tremendous two's. :)

I also started my Crossfit Twin Cities boot camp this morning.  It went great!  Yes, I am a little sore now, but nowhere near having to be wheeled away and taken to the local hospital.  Everyone in my class was also older than I am minus the two trainers, which was nice.  I was much less intimidated after meeting all of them and noticed that everyone was looking at what they were doing and not really paying attention to what I was doing at all. I think my Gym Phobic condition has been cured.  Amazingly, it only took one visit!!!  I had all of these thoughts built up in my mind of what it would be like and then when I got there, none of that happened.  I guess it was similar to going to the prom.  Or at least, prom in Karen's world.  I was so anxious about how I would look and who I would see and if my hair was big enough, when in reality buying the dress four months before was more traumatic.

Another great thing about going to my workout this morning is it was the first time I had gotten out of the bed to do something for me before anyone else in forever.  Usually this event might occur once a year at best doing something like after Thanksgiving Day shopping.  It made me feel good to make myself a priority again and getting in the habit of doing it again is far from what the routine has been since BC (before children).  However, I need to be a priority and take care of myself.  That is how I will take better care of my children.  It will also be how I am around for great events in the future like high school and college graduations, weddings and grandchildren.

So here's another whoop, whoop for another two pounds gone, eight pounds total.  And as I finish typing, I will do my very best Britney Spears dance move in celebration of overcoming being a Gym Phobic and doing something just for me!   (Aren't you glad this is a blog and not a video?)  Celebrate good times, come on!!!

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