Run to Win: 100 lbs in 118 days

Monday, June 13, 2011

Breaking Through - 92 days left

Do you remember when Clubber Lang was about to fight Rocky Balboa in Rocky III and they asked him if he had any predictions for the fight?  He looked into the camera, narrowed his eyes and snarled, "Pain."  If my minds eye could have seen into the future this morning heading to my crossfit workout, "pain" would have been my prediction for what I was about to undertake as well.  Other descriptions of the workout like "agony", "torture" and "grief" would have also come to mind.

What was this grueling routine? One push up.  One squat.  One pull up.  What's the big deal?  That wasn't the full workout.  Then, two push ups.  Two squats.  Two pull ups.  Then three and so forth for twenty minutes or until we reached twenty reps.  I reached thirteen reps when all was said and done.  And in case you are not a math person, that means a total of seventy-eight push ups, seventy-eight squats and seventy-eight pull ups.  In the event that didn't wear me out enough, then we did three different step sequences over a box for ten minutes following.  Once I got home, there was no less than a three hour recovery period before I could find myself being productive again.

Oh, and please don't let me skip the comical element of it all.  I don't really have that many t-shirts.  And the t-shirts that I do have, have all seen better days.  However, I wanted to remain a little cooler this morning when exercising, so I decided to wear one of my old Georgia Southern t-shirts and not worry about how raggedy it looked.  During the first exercise I realized there were two GIGANTIC holes under each arm about the size of a tennis ball.  So not only did I look rather silly trying to keep up with the workout, I now was flashing my underarms every time I had to reach to do something.  Lovely!!!!  I did get over it rather quickly though because it was either that or go home.  I also convinced myself that no one else really noticed either because they were too busy sweating and gasping for air to be concerned with my fashion statement for the day.

I can say that I am very happy with what I did accomplish today even though it was very demanding on my body.  When I started the push up, squat and pull up reps, my goal was to finish twelve sets.  I actually finished thirteen.  I also pushed through taking a nap today, even though I wanted to so very bad after being so tired out from the workout this morning.  Most of all, I was thrilled to see improvements physically today after such a mediocre workout yesterday and no cookies or foo-fa coffee's either ladies and gentlemen.  I am holding on to what I need to do and no giving up even though last week was rather bleak.  Galations 6:9 (New King James) - And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.

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