Run to Win: 100 lbs in 118 days

Sunday, June 5, 2011

100 days left

One hundred days left.  Isn't there supposed to be a popcorn party on this day?  No wait!  That is when you have gone one hundred days, like the 100th day of school.  However, the memory of my popcorn fiasco still lingers with me currently and I don't think it will be leaving anytime soon, so my guess is a popcorn party would be out of the question for that day as well. :)

Yet ironically, even though I became so ill on Thursday from popcorn and a turtle mocha, it didn't stop me from really wanting another Turtle from Caribou yesterday.  And today, as I was watching television that Betty Crocker Chocolate Cake commercial and all of the things you can make with that box of chocolate cake mix never looked so good.  I must say that I never imagined that I would be this addicted to sweets.  Sweets are not even my "go to" snack food.  I would so much rather crunch away on chips.  Still here I am at day 18 and find myself craving cookies, cake, chocolate and the like.  In fact, I not only crave it.  I imagine eating it.  I picture what every delicious, decadent bite would be like.  Yes people, it is just that pathetic.  What is wrong with me?  How can I be so captivated by sugar?  I decided to look it up.

In 2009, a man named Robert Lustig, who is a specialist in leading pediatric hormone disorders, gave a lecture called "Sugar: The Bitter Truth".  In it he calls sugar "evil", "poison" and "toxic". post an article stating that "sugar has been found to be more addicting than cocaine".  Several other sights reference a variety of studies with rats that show sugar is not only addicting, but the rats continued to want more and more sugar as time passed.  And with all of these studies, what is the only advice experts can give to stop the cravings?  Stop eating the sugar.  If that is not a "well, duh" statement, I don't know what is.  From what I read, there is no indication of how long it might last or if it will ever even go away.  To me, there was a little undertone of there is no guarantee, but this is the best thing they know to say.  Lovely!  Not the message I was hoping to take away with me this beautiful, Sunday afternoon.

Nonetheless, I will keep plugging along with eating healthy and exercising daily.  I am not the first person that has struggled with change and I certainly won't be the last.  Yes, it is hard.  Very hard some days.  And no, "hard" is not the four letter word of the Bible, even though some people treat it like it is.  I know that God desires for me to be healthy, even though it is hard getting there.  1 Corinthians 9:24b - Everyone runs; one wins.  Run to win.  I am running to win!  I will be victorious!!

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