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Friday, June 10, 2011

Makes me want to sing - 95 days left

Twelve hours ago I was completing my 6 AM workout and boy was I pleased with how I did today.  The first two days I have gone, one of the young staffers has been "working" with me aka. "babysitting" me to make sure that I didn't kill myself while completing the circuit.  She was running a little late today, so I was on my own for the first half of the class.  I did the full warm up, plus one other segment before she arrived.  I am happy to say that I did the number of reps listed on the board to complete.  Today was the first day for me to do that.  The main instructor also showed me a modified pull up using rings instead of a bar.  I was able to do these much better and felt it working my arms today as opposed to feeling like my joints were being pulled out of their socket like I did on Wednesday.  Even though I am only three days in, I feel more confident about what I am doing and anticipate great results in the near future.

I also believe that my sugar cravings that I mentioned on Monday are beginning to diminish.  There have been no panic attacks as I have watched commercials advertising sweets that last few days.  I haven't wanted to yank a cookie out of someone's hand.  And yesterday, even when my boys came in smelling like Doritos because one of the neighbors had shared her chips with them when they played last night, it didn't make me want to run out and buy a bag because of all those great ranch flavored spices I smelled.  I suppose I am starting to get myself under control.  Kinda made me want to sing that Janet Jackson song.  You know, "I'm in control.  Never gonna stop.  Control.  To get what I want.  Control.  Got to have a lot.  Control.  Now I'm all grown up."  Now if I could just dance like her, I would find myself thinner a lot faster.

The most amazing thing that happened today was when I went and checked my mail.  Do you remember a few days ago that I mentioned that one of my friends was going to give me Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred video?  I have been on the waiting list to get it from the library.  This morning I went to pick it up since it was now available for me.  This afternoon when the mail arrived there it was in my mailbox from my friend!  So now I have my own copy and I can return the other one to the library so the next person can use it.  What perfect timing!!  I got it in the mail just when I needed it and I look forward to working out with it tomorrow.  My friend had also wrote me the nicest note, which, of course, didn't come with the library version.  Jillian Michael's workout video $15.  Cost to mail video $2.  Having a great friend like Julie Larson who would do something like this for me - PRICELESS!!

This weekend I plan to take a break from the crossfit and workout here at home.  I am also going out this evening and haven't worn jeans in almost a week, so I am hoping they will be a little looser when I go to put them on in a little bit.  I also hope that when I workout tomorrow my bones won't be cracking as much as they were when I first started and my five year old won't feel compelled to ask me, "Mommy, are your bones breaking?".  I know that I am improving everyday!  I feel like I was walking around as a very sick person and didn't know it and that last three weeks have been the start of my recovery to a very healthy, physically fit me.  Each day gets better and better!!  And that makes me want to sing, "I'm on my way!  I'm on my way!  Home sweet home!!"  Too bad I could never get my hair to look like their's.  Yet certainly not too bad that this isn't being video'd or recorded.  I will be back tomorrow.  Same bat time.  Same bat station!

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