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Monday, June 6, 2011

Baby Steps - 99 days left

The past several weeks my eleven month old has begun taking small, wobbly steps.  The most she has taken in a row is about four.  Today she decided to conquer our stairs and climb all the way up with no assistance.  She is getting stronger every day as she continues to practice.

When it comes to exercise, I am like an eleven month old baby too.  A few weeks ago when I first started, it was all I could do to make it through my exercises.  However, today I can actually feel the muscles, especially in my legs, are stronger.  And even though I have only lost 6 pounds total to date, my clothes are even starting to fit better already.  Meaning my jeans have gone from skin tight, like someone poured me into them to actually looking decent when I wear them.  By the time I take my jeans off, they are actually a little loose from the stretching they have done all day.  As I workout, I can tell that I do have a much better form and can keep up with the videos about 90% of the time.  I can also see a shift in my attitude to the "I am worth it" mentality opposed to "I wish I had time for me" way of thinking.

Today things were challenging for me because I only had about three hours of sleep last night.  My plan to rest some during the day did not come to pass, which then equaled a LARGE Turtle from Caribou accompanied with two Extra Strength Tylenol to help keep me going.  Honestly, my plan for this evening until about two hours ago was to go to bed early, skip the exercise and blog by way of osmosis.  Yet because of the "baby steps" I have been taking over the last two plus weeks, I put on my "I am worth it" hat and exercised and am now writing my blog anyway.

"Baby Steps".  A silly application that I learned from the movie What about Bob?.  No.  I am not psychotic like the main character of the movie, Bob Wiley.  Yet anyone can still take this basic message and apply it to most anything.  Bob is an obsessive compulsive personality and seeks help from his psychiatrist, Dr. Leo Marvin. Dr. Marvin encourages Bob to take "baby steps" to overcome his different phobias and is so very confident that this method will work, he has even written a book about it.  Bob struggles with even simple things like getting on an elevator, but by applying the method of "baby steps" he starts to rise above his paranoia.  "Baby step to the elevator.  I'm in the elevator.  AHHHHHH!!!"

"Baby Steps" each day have helped me to surmount so many excuses that I would have used in the past.  "Baby Steps" has helped me to rise above the temptation to do it tomorrow.  And at the end of all of these days I have ahead of me, "Baby Steps" will help me to triumph over all that has defeated me before.

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