Run to Win: 100 lbs in 118 days

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Biggest Loser Moment - 103 days left

Today I had my first Biggest Loser moment.  Many of you who follow the show might be cheering right now because in your mind you're possibly thinking of last week when Olivia won at the finale and ended up weighing 132 lbs after beginning at the Biggest Loser ranch at 261 lbs giving her 129 lbs of weight loss.  Unfortunately, victory is not the word that would sum up my Biggest Loser experience today, at least not totally.  My Biggest Loser experience today was of another sort.

Today I decided to give myself a little bit of a break from my strict diet regimen that I have been on for over two weeks now.  I supplemented popcorn as one of my snacks.  Not too tragic.  However, I became out of control with the popcorn and all of the butter I could pile on it and ended up eating probably four to five helpings.  To further add to my "break", I decided to also splurge and have a White Turtle Mocha from Caribou Coffee this afternoon.  It seemed like I hadn't had it in so very long and if I just had one today, I would be set for at least another two or three weeks.  Eating and drinking both of these things were a GREAT delight.  I am not going to lie to you.  I liked it.  Every moment.  Every high calorie tasteful moment brought such joy and satisfaction.  It was like the difference between going to a lake for your vacation opposed to going to Waikiki Beach for your vacation.  Such bliss.  Such utter enjoyment.  Yum!

Then came my workout time a few hours later.  This week has already been a challenge to me in that arena.  I am not sure why.  Perhaps I am getting better at the workouts and working harder while doing them?  I am not sure.  Now coupled with what was now in my digestive system was not a good combination.  Each day I have been doing four, ten minute workouts: three of Dustin Maher's - one focusing on my legs and butt, one focusing on my arms, one focusing on my shoulders and back, and finishing up with the Biggest Loser 30 Day Jump Start cardio workout.  And when I finished my legs and butt workout today, that is when it happened.  I was sick to my stomach.  Very sick to my stomach.  Then I felt light headed.  My face felt like it was completely asleep and numb.  My hands were shaking.  I rested for about five minutes then started the next workout.  Two exercises into that video, I collapsed on the floor.  And this ladies and gentlemen was my Biggest Loser moment of the day.

As I gasped for air, I imagined Jillian Michaels screaming in my face just as she does the contestants on the Biggest Loser show those first couple of weeks when they are falling off the treadmills and puking their guts out, "Are you going to quit?  Get up!  What are you waiting for!  Get off the floor and finish the workout!".  I called for my medic (aka. my eight year old son) and told him to wet a wash cloth with ice cold water, ring it out and bring it back to me.  When he returned, my five year old and three year old followed.  "Are you going to be OK mommy?", my five year old asked.  I told them yes and that I just needed a break.  I sent them back upstairs and I think I laid there for another 10 minutes or so.  Not my most glamorous moment to say the least.  Finally, I did get back up and finish the remainder of my workouts.  A 45 minute workout routine took me a little over 90 minutes to finish.

After today, I am not sure that I will EVER eat popcorn or drink a Turtle from Caribou again.  The best thing I have to say about all of it, is my five year old said, "We are proud of you mommy" when I was finished.   The next best thing I have to say about it is I am happy I was not being filmed.  I guess that I should also throw in that I am glad that I didn't die in front of my children today while their dad was not home.  That can only happen on the days that he is here. :)  Honestly, I am surprised that I got up off myself and actually finished my workout.  In the past, I know I would have just given up and then pouted about it the rest of the day.  My hope is that when I have my next Biggest Loser moment, I will have the opportunity to report something similar to Olivia's.  However, today I will find victory in this Biggest Loser moment because I got up off the floor and kept going!


  1. I haven't had Starbucks, Coke, Mtn Dew, or sweet tea (all my staples) in almost a month, and today I could just taste that delicious Coke from Chick-fil-A...I wanted it SO BAD. Girl, I feel for ya' on that coffee craving! Ya' know, popcorn is a good fiber snack....if you can manage to keep the serving size where it should be (not easy!). I read recently that the chemicals in microwave popcorn are super bad for you; so, we've switched to old fashioned kernels popped in a glass bowl in the microwave w/just a little veg. oil and salt. Tastes JUST like the kind my parents made w/the popper on Sunday nights for Wonderful World of Disney when I was a kid! :) Proud of you for getting up and finishing that workout...I'm relatively certain I wouldn't have done that!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! I am glad that someone understands my pain. :)