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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Row It - 20 days left

Recently, I watched the movie Whip It.  The main character of the movie, played by Ellen Page, decides that her teenage life, filled with beauty pageants, is no longer for her and joins the roller derby.  While I don't agree with the rebellion she shows toward her parents or the lies she tells to accomplish this, I do like that she realized that she was not happy with how her life was going and decided to change it.

Ninety-eight days ago, I had this "ah-ha" moment as well.  I decided that I was no longer happy on my current track of unhealthy eating and an average weight gain of 8 lbs per year over the last twelve years and started taking steps to change my course.  Those of you have followed my blog from the beginning know that this has not been an easy road.  I have whined, cried, injured myself, considered quitting, been happy, then elated and then defeated again all in the same week.  Yet despite all of my ups and downs along the way, I have not quit and I have kept going.

I have learned while I am not the strongest or the fastest or the person that is able to lose weight really quickly, I am the person who has much perseverance.  For me, this has been the best quality I could have obtained.  Instead of quitting as I have done so many times in the past, perseverance is what has kept me going.  And perseverance is what has helped me achieve so many of the small goals that I have set before me.

Many of you will remember that I had set the goal about a month ago to go 400 meters on the rowing machine in 2 minutes or less.  Tonight I achieved that goal not once, not twice, not three times, but four times! My times was 1:59 the first three rounds and 1:58 on the final round.  I literally wanted to shout and tell all of my fellow crossfitters, whom I am quite sure would have been happy for me.  However, none of them know because I was too out of breath to share the news with anyone.  And as Ellen Page was so excited each time she achieved something great with her new way of life in the roller derby, I am totally energized with each new goal met and transformation I see in my new way of life daily.

Psalm 16:9 (The Message) -  I'm happy from the inside out, and from the outside in, I'm firmly formed. 

WOD (Workout of the Day)

  • Row 400 meters
  • 30 Back Squats
  • Row 400 meters
  • 20 Front Squats
  • Row 400 meters
  • 10 Overhead Squats
  • Row 400 meters

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