Run to Win: 100 lbs in 118 days

Friday, May 20, 2011

Big Mistake: Huge! - 116 days left

As some of you may remember if you read my blog on day one, I stated that I would only weigh myself once a week.  Well I broke my own rule today as I glanced at the scale when I walked into the bathroom and thought to myself, "Why not?".  I know I have't lost 10lbs or 20 lbs two days in, but one or two pounds for sure.  WRONG!!!  Nothing.  Same exact weight as two days ago.  However, unlike yesterday, before I plunged myself into "the depths of despair" as Anne of Green Gable would say, I stopped myself from going down that road and decided that it was OK that there was no weight loss so far.  Yes, weight loss is the main objective here. Yet instead of thinking about what I hadn't accomplished, I started to focus on what I have accomplished already and what my continued accomplishments will mean in the future.

I have exercised everyday starting this past Tuesday.  This is not something I have done in a very long time.  And even though I had to go grandma speed (as I mentioned yesterday), I am happy that I did 45 to 60 minutes of exercise each day.   I also learned something new this week pertaining to exercise called "Burst Training" and have implemented that concept into each workout the very best I can.  Granted for me, I feel like all of the videos I am working out to are just one big, long "Burst Training" workout. Nevertheless, I am still improving and gaining more strength everyday.

Another great accomplishment for me, while easy to some, is that I have cut out all of the garbage I was eating and sticking to healthier foods.  No chips.  No cokes (that covers all carbonated drinks for all my northern friends).  No sweets.  No foo-faa coffee drinks.  No frozen lasagna dinners from Stouffers.  Yes, it was a difficult trip for me today at the grocery store going down isle after isle of all of the "No's".  Still in spite of this for the first time I can remember, I am not that sad about giving these things up.  Perhaps because this time I have the bigger picture in mind where I have not before.  Instead of focusing on all of the "No's" that I can't do right now, I am concentrating on all of the "Yes'" that aren't that far around the corner for me if I just stick to it and don't give up.  I want to swim in the pool with my kids and not be embarrassed.  I want to go to the ball park and teach my daughter how to play softball because I loved it so very much when I was little.  I want to go to the "Hot Mama" store at Arbor Lakes shopping center and be able to fit in everything they have there and it look good on me.  All of my "Want's" that will turn into "Yes'" tomorrow is why I won't give up and will keep going down this road no matter what the scale says!

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