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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

There is No Nice Name for this Day

well, just as the name of my post suggest, this was not the day i planned and am becoming even more frustrated now as i can only type on my blog in lowercase for some reason.  i listed all of these wonderful goals for my year yesterday and what happens?  i wake up to a very sick husband this morning who brought home a box of betty crocker cake mix last night, can i just say the last time we even had cake was back in june when my youngest turned one, and a missed workout this evening due to the sick husband who bought the cake mix, not to mention the mountain dew i consumed  today due to the caffeine headache that was coming on because of the addiction i have reestablised over the last several months.  yes ladies and gentlemen, not a pretty sight.  not the victorious woman of just yesterday.  yet my plan is to wake up tomorrow for my six oclock in the morning workout and do my best. good thing it wasnt a new years resolution after all because here i am failing on january third.  and because ny typing crisis of all lowercase is becoming more tha i can bare i will say goodnight and plan for a great report tomorrow evening accompanied by some uppercase letters for good measure.

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